How To Make Dumplings (EN)


For 15 〜 24 dumplings depend of size- Flour 100g (All-Purpose Flour)- Water 55ml- Salt 1/2 small tea spoon- Starch (Potato) 2 - 3 spoon - Ground meat  80 〜100g (Recommend Pork or Chicken)- Chinese cabbage or Cabbage 1/4- Spring onion 2 - 3- Ginger / Garlic 1 piece eachA) Sesame Oil / Soy-source 1 tea spoon eachB) Rice vinegar 3 / Soy-source 2 / Chili oil 1

Let's Start!

1: Prepare boiled water, add salt and put into flour slowly and mix with chopstick or something, 2: Once temperature down a bit, start mix with your (or someone's) hand.

3: Once become nicely smooth and springily similar as your earlobe, make a ball and cover wrap or put into a Ziploc 20 - 30 min
4: During this 20 - 30 min, Let's make the filling. Chop Cabbage finely, add some salt and wait few min and squeeze water out, Chop spring onions as well.

5: Grate Garlic and Ginger (I used frozen garlic just convenient) 

6: Mix 4, 5 and Ground meat. and add A) Mix well.

7: After 20 - 30 dough rested, make one long bar and cut into 24 pieces (If you want to make big dumplings, do for 16 pieces. Once you cut it, put some wrap or plastic bag on top to avoid getting dry while you are doing next step.

8: Put starch bit on the board ( I used a cutting board) , and make dumpling dough into round shape with a rolling pin or something similar. its not easy but no need to make perfect round one, as you will fill up and can make nice shape after anyways. 

9: Put filling for each round dough, and make 'dumpling shape'
*If you dont know how to, please check This youtube.

10: Put oil on pan, Add dumplings, middle hot and once you hear the sounds of 'chichichiichichi' put fire lower and add some water (or hot water) 120cc and a lid on. (if you dont have a lid, just cover with aluminum foil)

11: Once you hear the sound 'chilchhichcichhicihcch' again, remove a lid and add sesame oil on top, and make dry out a bit.12: Move pan, check color bottom of dumplings, if looks yammy then it done!
13: Bring some beer or glass of white wine next to it. And dip the source (B just mix for your fav balance)  Bon Appetit!!!


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